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300812 The Warlock of the dark

Living in times that history has not seen. An empire spreads the fear in our borders. Found unguarded our lookout points and became conqueror. The blood that was not poured, in dribs and drabs is watering our Earth. Unable to communicate one man with another. It is impossible, despite the many opportunities we have to do it. The modern apocalypse is taking place.

Our history is repeated through the centuries. Victimizers and victims with different flags, causes, in an uninterrupted carnage. Insult to the God of the world.

Worthy descendants of Cain and Abel we live over the loss of our fellow men. Without a barcode. Enslaved in the lines of information we are not moving, blinded by it. Easily surrendered to a nirvana of a knowledge unnecessary, dangerous, wasteful for our lives. A war that did not demolish the buildings. Buildings, inside which breathes our vanity.

Destroyed our love. Filled us with phony promises for this life. Goals and demands for our own personal Eden. Unable to hear, we did not read the signs. Faithful attendants of sold leaderships.

Now, no empire extends ironbound armies outside the city walls.

We are already conquered. We forgot to guard our watchtowers. We requested and took but did not care about the expense. An expense that never happened.
Now the darkness is not asking for our gold. Our lives are the caravans that slaves centuries ago, brought the human value in the bazaars of the world.

The planet has become a grand bazaar. All of us slaves to the dealer dynast. To the warlock of the dark.